This FAQ page explains information about the Traders Brawl podcast.

Traders Brawl is a Web 3 wealth with health educational talk show. The aim of the talk show is to educate others on wealth creation in the Web 3 space, and that health should not have to be sacrificed for wealth. The hosts, Adel and Rahul, speak with Web 3 entrepreneurs, influencers and thought leaders to understand their journeys of how and why they entered into crypto, what projects are they working on (e.g. NFT projects), what cryptocurrencies they are holding & why, alongside general wealth creation and work-life balance tips.

Traders Brawl was founded by Adel B and Rahul W, who both identify as “fitness-addicted degens” and who shared a passion for building wealth while maintaining in shape as being an important aspiration among others to live a fulfilled life. Adel and Rahul coincidentally crossed paths in late June 2022 at a blockchain networking event hosted by a crypto start up in Dubai. Shortly after exchanging contacts, both had shared a common hobby in actively working out while trading cryptocurrencies to make money on the side besides their day jobs.

One evening, following hours of online research, Adel devised the idea to create a podcast talk show focussing on financial freedom with fitness, whereby only fitness-crypto guest speakers would be invited on the talk show to speak about the intricacies of their work-life balance. That same evening, Adel invited Rahul over to discuss and conceptualize the idea further, via more hours of research and having done a rehearsal simulation together using an iPhone. Both agreed on the premise that wealth and fitness should naturally be a sought-after life goal, in which wealth should be the priority first in order to pay for the work life balance (e.g. gym memberships, fancy beach clubs and taking vacations regularly).


The name, “Traders Brawl”, was initially founded by Rahul but was further defined and conceptualised by Adel. Adel reasoned that, the term, “trader” references the idea of making money by buying and selling securities, or in other words, entering and exiting positions at the right time. As such, since the target audience was to be aimed at people in the Web 3 space, “trader” was a nicely suitable term to incorporate in the talk show title.

Adel reasoned that the the term “brawl”, references the idea of being a fighter, and, being a fighter signifies the importance of having strength, which is where health and fitness come in.

Put together, “Traders Brawl” reflects a sense of always being kept on your toes or in suspense since nothing is predictable. For example, just as anything can happen in trading, the same can be said in a brawl between two MMA fighters - one single punch can mean the difference between winner and loser and one single market incident could mean the difference between being up or down on your portfolio.

Adel and Rahul believe it is crucial to have both physical rest (i.e sleep, food, exercise) as well as the mental capacity to know one’s own limits when placing and exiting positions.

Traders Brawl is an education podcast talk show aimed at educating people on wealth creation in the Web 3 space. The aim of the Traders Brawl talk show is to educate others and demonstrate that health and wealth are not mutually exclusive i.e. that health should not have to be sacrificed for wealth. Traders Brawl speaks with high-profile entrepreneurs and thought leaders in Web 3 space about their “work-life balance” principles and how they can be incorporated in people’s lifestyles. All content material on the Traders Brawl podcast is for educational and entertainment purposes while not financial advice.

Traders Brawl’s Unique Selling Point (USP) and key differentiator within the web3 space is that it is a lifestyle podcast that sheds light on the importance of physical wellbeing and fitness as well. Whilst many existing podcasts in the market focus on simply one 1 theme, Traders Brawl only invites podcast guests who are ‘GymPreneurs’ i.e. guests have to be entrepreneurs and fitness freaks at the same time. Because of such highly vetted and exclusive criteria, the rare calibre of guests is what reflects the educational USP content of Traders Brawl. Indeed, to maintain flexibility, Traders Brawl will exceptionally speak to expert guests who do not necessarily maintain a consistent fitness routine, provided that they are considered an ‘OG’ (original) in blockchain, crypto and web3.

Traders Brawl’s target audience is any person who pays a bill in their life and is financially conscious about wealth creation in Web 3. Since 80% of content is aimed at Web 3 wealth creation, the dominant target audience consists of NFT artists and collectors, crypto-traders, crypto exchanges, blockchain-based employers and traders (whether in crypto or not) who share a passion for fitness. The remaining 20% will feature educational tips on fitness training, supplements to take to stay lean, alongside speaking with yoga instructors and meditation specialists about how to let go of toxic thoughts and feel free.

Traders Brawl intends to grow and educate its target community by consistently releasing content in the following 1 of 3 ways:

  1. Podcast style content - inviting expert guests to the studio to deliver content
  2. Monologue style content - speaking in front of the camera to deliver content
  3. On-the-Go style content - interviewing expert guests while at networking events to deliver content

Through this 3-pronged diversified approach, the target community can benefit from different kinds of educational content styles, which can help deliver knowledge more effectively, helping the community learn and develop. The key for this to be a success on Traders Brawl’s part is to do this consistently.

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